Electricity tariff for large companies – which tariff to choose in group B?

There are several electricity tariffs available on the market, both for individual customers, as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises and very large enterprises. Tariffs are marked with the letters: G, A, B and C. The first one applies to households, while the other ones refer to companies using low, medium and high voltage.

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Choosing an electricity tariff for a company – what is profitable?

As a result of changes in the regulations on the supply and sale of electricity, companies have been able to choose the most favorable electricity tariff for the company for several years, which results in competitive prices and allows savings of several dozen percent.

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ariffs from group A – what is worth knowing about electricity for the largest consumers?

Electricity tariffs are price plans adapted by electricity producers to individual recipients. Different rates apply to households, others for small enterprises, and still different for the largest customers, such as mines or factories.

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On grid, off grid or hybrid photovoltaic installations? The most important differences

When deciding on such a long-term investment as a photovoltaic installation, the types of systems available on the market should be thoroughly analyzed by us.

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