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A solar panel power plant converts solar radiation into electricity. The difference is the scale. For this reason, photovoltaic installations are considered to be efficient and ecological power sources, allowing for the construction of a profitable and virtually maintenance-free business.

Solar farms are gaining more and more investment popularity in Poland. Our offer is intended for institutional customers. The solar farm installations we build can provide any company with renewable energy.

The principle of operation of the farms we build is the same as in the case of photovoltaic micro-installations. The installation uses photovoltaic cells, on which every photovoltaic farm is based.

This is the element where the photoelectric effect takes place. The rays of the sun (and more specifically the photons emanating from them) set the electrons in motion, and they create an electrical voltage. If you are looking for an adviser who will tell you how to set up a solar farm, please contact our office. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information, prepare an initial investment valuation and develop a comprehensive solar power plant project.

panele solarne


At Helios Strategia Polska, we implement solar power plant construction projects of various scales and levels of difficulty. We have qualified staff consisting of advisers, designers, engineers and installers. Each of our projects is carried out on the basis of an in-depth economic analysis of the project, land assessment and the prepared project, taking into account all the needs and preferences of the Investor.

Thanks to the selection of the highest-class components and adapting the design directly to the topography, we maximize energy yield. Our 11 years of experience will guide you through the entire investment process and help you start the installation on your plot.



Before we start applying for the necessary permits and commissioning the project preparation, it is necessary to choose the optimal location for a solar farm. Taking into account the average insolation in Poland, the construction of a solar farm in our country has the opinion of a profitable undertaking.


When choosing a location, one should take into account, among others, free access to sunlight, the absence of trees and other objects that generate shade, as well as a sufficiently low dustiness of the air. In the case of investments such as a solar power plant, construction should be carried out on a plot of land with an appropriate area.

Our design department offers comprehensive support in choosing the right place for a photovoltaic installation.


Without the development of comprehensive documentation, it is not possible to obtain a license or conditions for connecting a solar power plant to the power grid.  By entrusting us with a photovoltaic farm project, you gain a full guarantee of professionally prepared documentation, fully adapted to the parameters of the planned investment and environmental conditions.,

The conceptual design of the installation includes such documents as:

  • detailed description of the investment, assessment of the energy
  • potential of the space owned,
  • technical specifications of the devices
  • exact cost estimate and graphical visualization of the construction of a photovoltaic farm on the plot.

In addition, we prepare the necessary applications and permits (decisions on development conditions).

In our projects, in addition to the maximum use of the space tailored to the investor, we always put safety and functionality first. These criteria are particularly important from the point of view of its subsequent exploitation.


Having developed a photovoltaic farm project and wanting to sell the electricity it produces, it is necessary to submit an application for connection conditions to the energy company. This will allow you to determine whether the parameters of the photovoltaic installation allow connection to the power grid. Mandatory attachments to the application are:

  • documents confirming the legal title to the property,
  • geodetic map of the plot,
  • Environmental Protection Decision,
  • zoning conditions or an excerpt from the Local Development Plan.

& nbsp; Submitting an application for connection conditions is connected with the necessity to pay an appropriate fee. Construction of a photovoltaic farm up to 40 kW does not require a fee, while for investments in the range of 40 kW – 5 MW, the fee for issuing the conditions is borne jointly by the investor and the energy company. In the case of farms with a capacity of more than 5 MW, the entire costs are borne by the investor. It should be remembered that the deposit to the power utility in both cases is PLN 30,000 per 1MW. The document without which the construction of the photovoltaic power plant cannot be started is the building permit. The body to which the application for issuing such an assurance should be submitted is the District Authority Office. The main document for obtaining a Building Permit is a construction design prepared by authorized designers.


The document that gives the possibility to apply for a loan or co-financing for the implemented project is the promise of a license. It ensures that we will be permitted to sell energy to the grid. The body to which the request for such assurance should be submitted is the Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office.


After all formalities are completed, the installation of solar power plants can be started in the manner specified in the connection conditions and the installation design. At this stage, we perform all the necessary construction works related to the foundation of foundations, the location of photovoltaic panels, tables, inverters and transformer stations.

The construction of a photovoltaic power plant itself usually takes about 5 weeks, which is much less than waiting for the issuance of connection conditions (the power company has 150 days for this).


When the construction of photovoltaic farms is completed and the Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office has issued a license, the installation may be connected to the power grid.

Od tego momentu możliwe jest wytwarzanie prądu z promieni słonecznych.

From then on, it is possible to generate electricity from the sun’s rays.


Clean electricity during the whole year

The solar farm provides electricity all year round without interfering with the environment

Maintenance-free installation

The farms are virtually maintenance-free and automated

Short investment realization period

We guarantee the efficient realization of the project.

Fast return on investment

Annual rate of return at the level of 16-18%

Long warranty period

The product warranty provided by the manufacturer is up to 25 years.

Do you have additional questions or would you like to know more?

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    Our design department offers comprehensive support in the design of various types of photovoltaic installations. We implement photovoltaic installations both on roofing, as well as free-standing installations in the form of established photovoltaic farms with a capacity counted in tens of megawatts.

    Our experience allows us to propose numerous solutions in difficult, hard-to-reach areas, such as land after a landfill. The design process consists of many stages. During each of them, we offer full support from our team. We precede the implementation of the project with the implementation of a concept based on a local vision. It is she who, together with the simulation prepared in the next step, allows for the assessment of the potential of a given surface.

    We carry out the design process based on modern standards and professional software. In our projects, in addition to the maximum use of the space tailored to the investor, we always put safety and functionality first. These criteria are particularly important from the point of view of its subsequent exploitation.


    Choosing the right subcontractor is a very important issue that has a large impact on the success of a given investment. At Helios Strategia Polska, we support development and help enterprises achieve the set strategic goals. Cooperation with us allows you to relieve your form from operational problems. Accordingly, strategic freedom of activity is increased.

    panele solarne

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      • robotic management
      • preparation and organization of construction facilities
      • site preparation
      • geodetic works
      • fencing, gates
      • road
      • supporting structure and PV modules
      • DC installation
      • inverters
      • AC installation
      • AC intermediate switchboards
      • transformer station – construction works
      • transformer station – installation works
      • MV connection
      • monitoring and production management
      • meteo weather measurement system
      • video monitoring
      • measurements and diagnostics
      • unloading, records, export
      • purchase of materials and devices


      The financial benefits are very obvious. The return on investment is up to 9-10 years depending on the size of the investment and the use of clean energy in real time.

      Unlike electricity produced by conventional methods, electricity obtained from the sun is free and virtually unlimited. For this reason, photovoltaic installations are considered not only as an ecological and efficient source of power for buildings, but also as an idea for a profitable and virtually maintenance-free business

      Power plants of this type are built to distribute the produced energy to the grid or supply large facilities, such as industrial plants. The power of such a power plant ranges from several dozen kilowatts (kW) to several megawatts (MW).

      Installation of solar power plants is a service dedicated to investors and institutional recipients, unlike small, home photovoltaic installations, the power of which does not exceed several dozen kW.


      The area for a photovoltaic installation on the ground, which is to provide electricity for own needs, is governed by different rules than those described on the subpage What kind of land for farms.

      It takes place only when the Investor has a free plot of land located in the same place where the produced energy will be collected or directly adjacent to it. In the event that the Investor wants to use energy settlement between isolated places of production – consumption and is looking for land for this purpose, he should follow the principles described in the above article.

      Each area is different, therefore the preparation of the concept should be preceded by a site visit. The collected information will provide the necessary data, such as topography, possible collisions, shades, existing infrastructure, surroundings. Without them, it will not be possible to select the appropriate structure, and, consequently, the optimal spacing between the rows of the installation.

      What is also very important, it will not be possible to state whether the area can be used in full. Due to the fact that the area next to the enterprise where the investment is carried out, as a rule, is already developed, for example paved for communication, or serves as a storage facility.

      Laying out cable routes in such a space is crucial, because with the increasing length of the cables, their cross-section and, consequently, the investment costs change. Logistic breaks in the use of such a surface should also be foreseen, because during the construction of cable routes, the use of this area may be difficult, or even temporarily impossible. The investment planning stage is therefore crucial, and the very construction of a 1 MW photovoltaic installation is its mapping.


      The production of electricity by a photovoltaic installation depends on many factors, mainly weather. However, the geographical location and the immediate vicinity of the installation are also important. For example – while maintaining the southern orientation and standard inclination angles of the module relative to the ground of 20-30 degrees.

      The difference in electricity production between the southern and northern parts of Poland will be about 20 kWh / kW in favor of the former. Any elevation in the area that casts a shadow on the installation will adversely affect its performance. It is similar to the deviation from the south, but to a lesser extent.


      The payback period of the investment is estimated at several years depending on the size of the investment and the degree of clean energy use in real time. In order to financially illustrate the return process, we will use an example:

      For an investor who uses 1,200 MWh to produce electricity from photovoltaicsof 1002 MWh and auto consumption of 80% and energy purchase costs of PLN 450 / MWh + distribution costs, the return on investment will be in the 4th year of operation of the installation.

      Since the launch of the photovoltaic installation, the company has been using ecological electricity almost for free, which drastically reduces operating costs. What’s more, it becomes independent of energy price jumps, which increases its competitiveness on the market.


      OF PV FARM

      Solar plants in most cases are being financed by a credit, leasing, EU subsidies and own funds. In the investment process of building a photovoltaic power plant, obtaining connection conditions, a valid building permit and a certificate of winning an auction is a great help in obtaining financing.

      Most projects are registered for special purpose companies, which means that the companies have been registered specifically for the construction of the farm and have no financial history. And the winning auction gives us a guarantee of income from each generated MWh for the next 15 years, which makes banks feel safer and more willing to provide financing.

      However, this trend is changing and it is also possible to build a farm without winning the auction.


      Expenses related to the maintenance of a photovoltaic installation can be divided into two categories: variable and fixed.

      The variables include the costs related to the frequency of service and maintenance works (washing modules and mowing the grass).

      Fixed costs are installation service (security, management, accounting), insurance, real estate and land tax, and lease.



      Participation in the broadly understood electricity market and active cooperation with all its participants resulted in tightening the cooperation with one of the electricity trading companies. Thanks to this, we are able to offer our clients a really comprehensive offer to optimize costs related to electricity.

      Synergia Polska Energia Sp. o.o. – an electricity trading company that has been operating since 2013 under the issued license number EE / 22345 / W / DRE / 2013 / ZJ.


      The role of the trading company is to ensure the supply of electricity using the existing distribution infrastructure. Electricity price contracting is possible for a period of 3 months and can be carried out in one of two models

      • Model 1 – a variable price based on prices on the Polish Power Exchange based on the BASE_ M product (monthly contract) or BASE_Q price (quarterly contract) plus transaction fees (certificates, excise duty, balancing cost and margin).
      • Model 2 – a fixed price valid for the entire duration of the contract.

      Cooperation with a trading company also gives us the opportunity to negotiate attractive repurchase prices for electricity. In this case, the preferred and most frequently chosen solution is the floating price, which is calculated on the basis of the monthly average value of the Day-Ahead Market price.


      By using the mechanisms in force on the electricity trading market, we are able to combine into one energy management and billing system many production and consumption points, each of which can be located in a different place


      Photovoltaic panels are very beneficial from an individual perspective, but entire cities can rely on them. A solar farm covers a relatively small area and can provide a lot of energy to nearby residents. Therefore, investors are willing to choose photovoltaic farms as a supplement to other energy sources

      However, it should be borne in mind that solar power plants will soon become one of the main methods of generating electricity. Thus, it is worth considering what a solar power plant is?Is it a profitable business? And also does the solar farm carry any dangers? We encourage you to learn about the benefits of investing in professional large systems

      Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions related to the work of our company and issues related to photovoltaics and solar energy. All questions and answers are guidelines only, not guidelines.

      Solar farm - What is it and how does it work? arrow

      A solar farm is nothing more than a dedicated place for photovoltaic panels, where several hectares can accommodate up to tens of thousands of elements. A solar panel farm converts solar radiation into electricity. The principle of operation is the same as in the case of photovoltaic micro-installations. The difference is the scale. Solar farms can supply municipal estates or even entire villages with energy.

      Solar cells are what every solar farm is based on. What is a solar cell? This is the element where the photoelectric effect takes place. The sun’s rays (and more specifically the photons emanating from them) set the electrons in motion, and they cause an electric voltage to arise due to the potential difference.

      What are the advantages of energy farms? arrow

      The financial benefits are very obvious. The payback on investment is a maximum of 9-10 years. Then you can enjoy cheap and renewable energy. However, solar farms have a number of other advantages, most of all they do not contribute to the negative effects of climate change, which in a broader perspective is of great importance. In addition, photovoltaic farms produce clean energy, thus they do not produce any harmful substances as a result of the processes taking place. Solar fields are therefore an excellent answer to the problem of smog, which can be felt especially in larger cities. Some are concerned that the solar panel farm may have a negative effect on the health of nearby residents after all. It is fear of ignorance. Research shows that a power farm produces an electromagnetic field with a frequency of only 50 Hz. Which is as big as any other home appliance, including a TV or refrigerator. The solar farm is therefore 100% safe to use. Solar panels for individual use are mainly made on the roofs of buildings. However, solar farms need to take up more space, so they are placed on the ground. The designated area must also meet a number of recommendations. First of all, an energy farm can be built on a flat area. The land cannot be of a class higher than IV. Therefore, a photovoltaic farm is built quite often on wastelands. In addition, solar farms should be erected close to a low or medium voltage grid. Maintaining a distance of 200 m from the power line is considered sufficient. In this way, solar farms can be connected to the grid without any problems. Of course, a solar farm cannot be built in a shady location. Energy farms in the vicinity of buildings or trees would not fulfill their function.

      Where can we find solar power plants in Poland? arrow

      By 2018, our country was ranked 18th among all EU countries in the solar energy production category. This shows that the photovoltaic farm in Poland is not a very common sight yet. Nevertheless, it is easy to see an upward trend. Despite production delays in relation to other European countries, solar farms in Poland are among the most modern. This is one of the reasons why more and more are being created. The statistics leave no doubt: solar fields in Poland will soon generate 1.5 GW of power. The first photovoltaic farm in Poland was established in 2011 in Wierzchosławice (Małopolskie Voivodeship). Thanks to the number of 4,445 solar panels located on 2 ha, it can generate over 1 MW of electricity. In turn, the largest solar farm in Poland is located in Czernikowo (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship). It was equipped with 16,000 panels with a power of 240 W, which gives over 3.5 MW of energy per year. In practice, a solar farm located near Toruń in Poland is able to meet the electricity demand of as many as 1,600 households in the area. Solar farms in Poland will certainly develop dynamically. They will permanently fit into the native landscape, which will bring benefits not only to direct recipients of solar energy, but also to all other residents of our country. If you want to learn more about what a solar farm is and what benefits can be expected from building a farm, please contact us. We are happy to answer any question. Your own solar power plant is a simple and effective source of energy. Technologies that enable obtaining electricity from the light that reaches us are constantly developing. As a result, a solar power plant in Poland is becoming a much more common sight, both in cities and in other parts of the country.

      Who should decide to invest in this type of solution? What is a solar power plant? What are the benefits of modern photovoltaics? Which system to choose? You will find the answers on our website

      What is a solar power plant? Rule of operation arrow

      A photovoltaic power plant produces electricity directly from solar radiation. It extracts heat from the sun to convert it into electricity. To make this possible, a solar power plant must have several elements, including: – monocrystalline or polycrystalline photovoltaic modules,

      • – solar inverters (inverters),
      • – supporting structures,
      • – connecting cables,
      • – DC and AC protections
      • – other parts directly related to the specificity of buildings or terrain.

      In terms of a solar power plant, the description will be slightly different depending on the facility on which the system is to be built. Solar modules are the most important element. The entire solar power plant is based on them. What is a photovoltaic module? It is a semiconductor in which the energy of solar radiation is converted into electricity as a result of the photovoltaic phenomenon. Then the inverter transforms direct current into alternating current. As a result, the solar power plant adapts to the frequency of the electricity grid.

      Three kinds of solar power plants arrow

      Photovoltaic systems differ in the method of installation and the possibility of connecting to the power grid. On this basis, 3 types of solar power plants can be distinguished. These include:

      1) On-grid connected solar power plants. This is the most classic system. It consists of panels, an inverter, meters and various types of security. By connecting to the grid, on-grid solar power plants can sell the surplus of produced energy to the operator.

      2) Autonomous off-grid solar power plant. It does not have any connection to the network, so it has to use special batteries. This avoids power outage problems. Off-grid solar power plants are perfect for summer houses.

      3) Hybrid solar power plants. They combine the advantages of the above solutions. Users can use various sources of electricity and sell any surplus energy.

      A hybrid solar power plant also allows connection to the public grid. It is difficult to say unequivocally which photovoltaic power plant is the best. Much depends on the investor’s preferences, environmental factors and budget. As part of the cooperation with our company, you can be sure that all aspects of building a solar power plant and operating photovoltaic systems will be taken into account. The solar power plant will operate with maximum efficiency thanks to our project.

      Solar power plants – benefits from the investment arrow

      What are the advantages of your own solar power plant? The most obvious of these is economy. Solar radiation is a very cheap way to get energy, which additionally comes from renewable sources. These are the most important benefits of a modern solar power plant. What is a micro installation? According to the definition, it is a power plant with a capacity of not more than 40 kW. Even such small installations pay for themselves in just a few years. However, a 1 MW photovoltaic plant is more profitable and can power up to several thousand households.

      When it comes to solar power plants, the benefits are also measurable on a macro scale. Photovoltaics gives clean, green energy, and at the same time does not produce any harmful substances. Therefore, photovoltaic power plants in Poland are a solution to the smog problem, and in a broader context – they can contribute to eliminating the effects of climate change.

      How popular are solar power plants in Poland? arrow

      A 1 MW photovoltaic power plant with more power is still not very popular in our country. By 2016, only 25 such large systems were in operation. It is worth noting, however, that a solar power plant in Poland is no longer an exception, and is quickly becoming a standard. The government allocates more and more money to the development and construction of new solar farms. Therefore, solar power plants in Poland can count on quite generous funding. Importantly: this support applies to both businesses and ordinary citizens.

      As a result, photovoltaic power plants in Poland are also built on private properties. In terms of such as a solar power plant, the description does not fully reflect how useful photovoltaic systems are. So let’s get acquainted with the measurable financial benefits resulting from the use of solar panels. All this information can be found on our website.