Mono and polycrystalline panels – which ones to choose?

Knowledge about the general principle of operation of photovoltaic modules is very common nowadays, however, the knowledge of the differences in the specificity of construction between their variants is rather rare.

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Solar panel power optimizer. How does it work and what does it give?

The power optimizer is an optional addition to the standard equipment included in the PV system. This device allows you to optimally adjust current-voltage mismatches within the photovoltaic panels, and in some variants also ensure precise monitoring of the operation of the entire installation.

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Types of supporting structures. How to choose the right one?

When facing the selection of individual photovoltaic components, we first focus our attention on the modules and the inverter, while – which should not be forgotten – the basis of the entire installation are properly selected photovoltaic racks.

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Hot-spots on solar panels. How to prevent them?

The resistance of PV panels to mechanical damage is today one of the key selection factors for the customer, and thus one of the most important aspects that manufacturers focus on.

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