A new obligation for RSE producers

In 2021, the provisions contained in the European Commission regulation entered into force, which significantly complicate the activities of many larger energy producers in RES systems. In connection with the new regulations, a number of questions have arisen which, unfortunately, still remain unanswered. I am talking about the System Operation Guidelines, which hinder the fulfillment of the reporting obligation by energy producers. What are the changes and what support can the manufacturer count on?

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Fotowoltaika dla gospodarstwa rolnego

Photovoltaics for an agricultural farm

Modern agricultural areas use many technologies that consume a lot of energy. Therefore, the cost of running a farm increases every year. A reasonable solution is therefore photovoltaics for the farmer. Thanks to it, you can significantly reduce all expenses related to electricity.

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Fotowoltaika dla firm i zakładów przemysłowych

Photovoltaics for companies and industrial plants

Companies and industrial plants around the world are increasingly asking how using a clean, renewable energy source such as solar power can help lower their operating costs and become more energy independent. It is no different in our country. Photovoltaic systems for companies are becoming more and more popular. Companies of various sizes and sectors decide to install RES.

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What is the average lifetime of the panels?

Photovoltaics is often presented as a technology that allows you to forget about energy bills from the grid forever. For this reason, we associate modules and entire PV installations with longevity, reliability and trouble-free operation. Is it really so? What is the real service life of photovoltaic panels? We answer the most important questions!

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