Roof Solar Power Plants – Where Can They Be Installed?

Dodane przez: admin January 20, 2022

Thanks to the use of natural energy resources from the sun, you can obtain your own electricity necessary to meet your current needs, not only your own. Photovoltaics is also a way to use the roof, i.e. the available and undeveloped area of the building. Guided by knowledge and experience in the field of photovoltaics, we offer you a wide range of services that allow you to transform the roof of a building into a solar farm and thus save on bills.

Solar panels, which obtain energy from sunlight, can be mounted directly on the tiles or with the use of special brackets. Thus, the roof for a solar power plant does not have to meet exceptional quality requirements. The plane ideally suited for the installation of photovoltaic panels is the one facing south, allowing for the appropriate angle of inclination. However, this is not a rule, as solar power plants on the roofs of high-rise buildings also perform very well. Although these places are usually flat, a suitable rack for the panels will help to achieve the desired angle of inclination.

The roof for a solar power plant must be constantly exposed to the sun, especially during its greatest activity in the sky, i.e. around noon. What conditions should a roof for a photovoltaic power plant meet, depending on the part of Poland? It is assumed that in the southern region, the angle of inclination of solar panels in relation to the roof should be slightly sharper than in the case of roofs located in northern towns. The optimal setting is to point the collector surface at right angles to the sun. The lighting angle is a variable depending on the season of the year, therefore, when installing the panels, we take into account the mobility of the frame and provide the owner with the possibility of changing the angle of inclination in order to obtain as much energy as possible from nature.

What conditions should a roof for a photovoltaic power plant meet?

Solar power plants on the roofs of high-rise buildings save money because they use the full renewable energy source that is abundant on sunny days. The roof for a solar power plant can have different angles of inclination and be made of various types of roofing. It must, however, meet one important condition – be adapted to bear the weight of a photovoltaic power plant. The roof for a solar power plant should take into account not only the own weight of the collectors, but also the snow accumulated on the surface in winter, in its maximum possible amount. The architectural plan of each building must indicate whether the building can bear the additional weight.

Solar power plants on the roof are installed by specialists who take into account all the parameters of the building and adjust the maximum roof capabilities to the efficiency that you want to achieve by producing energy for a given building. Correct implementation of the photovoltaic construction plan is very important to us and guarantees the optimization of the collectors’ efficiency.