Water and Sewers Company in Konin Wastewater Treatment Plant

General contractor: ERBUD Industry Sp. z o.o.


Fixed power of solar modules: 1960 kW
Fixed power of solar modules: 1740 kW
Amount of modules: 5940 szt. 330w
Type and Trade Brand of the inversters: Huawei
Amount of inverters: 29 szt.
Construction type: WS2W_25°/30°H_4X5

Zakres Realizowanych prac

  • Piling of poles for structures
  • Istallation of construction
  • Installation of modules
  • Installation of constructions for inverters
  • Installation and connection of solar cables (DC)
  • Installation and parametrization of inverters
  • Installation and connection of low voltage cables (AC)
  • Installation and connection of line switchboards
  • Introduction of LV cabling to the transformer station
  • Making and connection of the earthing system
  • Launching the installation to enable launching the network
  • Performing complete acceptance tests of electrical installations
  • Preparation of as-built documentation
  • Tidying up the site after completing the work