Fotowoltaika dla gospodarstwa rolnego

Photovoltaics for an agricultural farm

Dodane przez: admin April 11, 2022

Modern agricultural areas use many technologies that consume a lot of energy. Therefore, the cost of running a farm increases every year. A reasonable solution is therefore photovoltaics for the farmer. Thanks to it, you can significantly reduce all expenses related to electricity.

What are the benefits of photovoltaics for farmers?

The obvious and well-known advantage is cheap energy. However, it means much more. The money saved thanks to photovoltaics can be spent on the development of the farm, which opens up completely new opportunities for farmers. Just imagine buying new machines or modernizing the existing ones. In addition, on-farm solar farm allows for better and, above all, safer budget planning. It is possible thanks to independence from fluctuations in electricity prices. The stored energy can be used at any time of the year. Thus, a sudden increase in costs will not change investment plans or losses.

Can you count on subsidies for photovoltaics for the farmer?

Solar panels are already a well-known technology, which has an impact on the cost of manufacture and installation. From time to time it decreases due to the use of new production methods and the like. However, it is worth investing in photovoltaics today. Thanks to many financial programs, it is possible to easily amortize the expenditure of a farm for this purpose.

In terms of photovoltaics for a farmer, subsidies can reach up to several hundred thousand zlotys depending on the program. A good example is Agroenergia, a proposal of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management for individual farmers. The budget allows for financing up to 40% of eligible costs (not more than PLN 800,000) in the form of subsidies and loans up to 100% of eligible costs.

However, in order to receive discounts or subsidies, certain conditions must be met and appropriate applications must be submitted. Companies specializing in the installation of photovoltaic panels will be happy to help anyone interested in this regard.