Photovoltaic connectors. Why is it worth choosing high-quality components and not cheap replacements?

Dodane przez: admin June 29, 2020

Connectors for photovoltaic panels are an element of a PV installation that has a huge impact on the efficiency of its work. Unfortunately, a fairly common problem is insufficient care for their quality. It results primarily from the fact that, in the minds of investors, very often connectors can be any – after all, they are only used to connect wires in panels. So it seems that the differences between the connectors available on the market are marginal and it makes no sense to spend large amounts on them. Although you should never overpay, it is definitely worth paying extra for quality. Even a single, small, but improperly fitted part can cause a serious failure, and in extreme cases, even cause a fire a few years after assembly.

What features should connectors for solar panels have?

Connectors for photovoltaic panels are used to perform one of the key tasks from the perspective of the operation of the entire installation, which is connecting photovoltaic panels. During everyday use, they have to cope with difficult external factors. Due to this state of affairs, when choosing their optimal variant, we should pay attention primarily to:

  • the level of resistance to the effects of weather conditions, which should include a minimum of 25 years of effective protection, because this is the lower life limit of currently designed PV systems;
  • degree of tightness – connectors for photovoltaic panels should be completely resistant to snow, rain, moisture, high daily amplitudes and wind;
  • intuitiveness of obtaining connections – the risk of making a serious error in consequences when assembling a PV installation is the greater, the less intuitive the use of connectors is;
  • connection resistance – low connection resistance results in a reduction of the losses that could occur during the transfer of the energy generated by the PV modules.

MC4 connector – effective and safe connection of photovoltaic panels

How to find couplings that meet the stringent requirements listed above from among all the proposals available on the market? The solution to this problem is precisely the MC4 connectors that exhibit all of the above-mentioned features. They were originally manufactured by Multi-Contact – hence the first part of the name (4 refers to the 4-mm diameter of the connector) – but now they have gained such popularity that many of the other manufacturers operating on the market mark the connectors as compatible with the MC4 standard. . In the offer of enterprises, it is usually easy to find the MC4 parallel connector, which allows for safe and easy parallel connection of PV modules. An important issue here is the fact that both the mentioned MC4 parallel connector and the conventional MC4 connector are fully compatible with all connectors included in this standard.