How to set up solar farm

Dodane przez: admin April 11, 2022

Photovoltaics, apart from the fact that it allows you to become independent from electricity supply from the grid, also gives you a wide range of opportunities to earn on the produced energy. An example of how to make the production and sale of solar electricity a profitable business are photovoltaic farms in Poland and around the world. Are you considering building such a power plant? Check where to start!

What is a solar farm?

Unlike home solar power plants, photovoltaic farms are projects of much higher power, located on a much larger acreage. They usually cover a minimum area of 2 hectares, and their primary purpose is to produce energy for sale. It is the distribution of electricity that makes investors who decide to build industrial solar power plants.

How to start a solar farm?

If you want to earn money by selling electricity, you run a business or a large agricultural farm, and you are going to set up a solar farm, there are some important points to consider below.

Selection of land for investment

It is not enough to have a piece of land (even a large enough) to set up a solar farm on it. The ground should not be shaded on either side to ensure maximum sunlight. The area is preferably flat, at least 200 m away from nearby power lines. A popular solution is to build a solar farm on wastelands, which can start generating income in this way.

Project financing

Own funds, a loan for photovoltaics, co-financing from central or local government programs – photovoltaics is currently an investment with co-financing should not be a major problem.

Obtaining a permit and a license

A permit is needed for the construction of photovoltaic farms – unlike for home micro-installations. Sale of electricity is also connected with the necessity to obtain a license under the conditions specified in the Energy Law Act.

Choosing PV modules

An important issue in how to set up a solar farm is choosing the right supplier of PV panels and accessories. It is worth relying on a proven contractor who will not only advise and provide infrastructure, but also help to meet all the necessary formalities related to funding or obtaining the necessary permits.

Benefits from photovoltaics? Not only financial ones!

Investing in a photovoltaic farm is of course a way to increase your income, but not only the economy speaks in favor of such projects. Companies that invest in renewable energy gain an important image advantage. Above all, however, each such investment contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution, which should also not be forgotten.