How much does a solar farm cost?

Dodane przez: Kamil Kołosowski March 14, 2022

The cost of building a photovoltaic farm is a key issue both for entrepreneurs who decide to run a socially responsible business, and for private individuals who plan to invest in modern solutions. The most important criterion when it comes to the price of the installation is its assumed capacity. The cost of building a 10kw photovoltaic power plant is clearly different from the price of the same 100kw photovoltaic plant. Therefore, before starting construction, it is necessary to determine what power will be needed to cover the needs of a given facility, farm or enterprise. In such a situation, some investors decide to choose a smaller solar farm, finding out, for example, that the cost of building a 100kw photovoltaic power plant is too high. However, this is an apparent saving, as the inefficient farm will not live up to expectations and the electricity bills themselves will still be high. Obviously, the period during which the money invested will pay off will be longer in an underpowered installation than in an optimal installation. So it is clear that it is not worth opting for apparent savings.

How much does a photovoltaic farm cost – the cost of building photovoltaic power plants

When determining the costs of creating a photovoltaic installation, the location of the facility should also be taken into account. Conditions may or may not be favorable. Depending on this, you may have to opt for a more powerful farm to compensate for the position deficiencies. When answering the question of how much does a solar farm cost, it is worth thinking in the long term, and not only having before your eyes the expenses for the installation of the panels. The cost of building a 40kw solar power plant and any other plant depends on many complex factors. Naturally, the panels used here play an important role, but the above-mentioned location also affects the final price of the farm. The obvious fact is that depending on the size of the farm, the prices of individual elements may vary. In the case of larger solar power plants, it is possible to negotiate with the manufacturer and get a better offer. Many decisions, such as the selection of modules and inverters, are made during the design phase when things become clear. Therefore, the question of how much does a solar farm cost cannot be answered unequivocally without providing specific information about its location and the number of PV modules installed.

The real cost of building a solar farm

Potential investors should also realize that, as a rule, they can count on subsidies of up to 70%. These types of programs exist at local levels and are financed both from EU and national funds. The real cost of a solar farm drops significantly if you take into account the help of local government institutions. Voivodeships have programs specific to their area, which may operate on slightly different principles. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with the possibilities offered by a specific area, especially if the investment is large and you have to deal with such an issue as, for example, the overall cost of building a 1mw solar farm. Solar farms are especially profitable for agricultural farms. Farmers can count on a number of aid programs in this matter, such as, for example, investment incentives. In addition, the photovoltaic farm installed in the pasture allows for the simultaneous grazing of farm animals. It may therefore turn out that the overall cost of building a 100kw solar farm or of a different capacity will not be that high, and the return on investment will be faster than expected. If we want to answer the question of how much does a solar farm cost, first of all it is necessary to determine what the expectations are, what ROI we want to achieve and what real savings we want to generate. The cost of building a 40kw solar farm may be relatively high, but in the long run, taking into account the constant increases in electricity, it will turn out to be low. Renewable energy brings profits not only to entrepreneurs and farmers, but also helps to protect the natural environment. To sum up, the cost of building 1 MW on flat ground is PLN 2.0-2.2 million, i.e. the estimated cost per 1 kW of installed capacity is PLN 2,200 net.