How is the construction of a solar farm going?

Dodane przez: admin April 11, 2022

Photovoltaics has become one of the most ecological, reliable and cost-effective power sources. The solar energy market is growing and is still open to new investors. Therefore, more and more people are interested in building a solar farm. It is a venture that requires time, appropriate preparation, and many formalities, but often turns out to be a good investment. We explain how to build a solar farm step by step.

Location, design and permits

The first step will be to select a suitable plot on which the solar panels and other components of the installation will be placed. A photovoltaic farm can be built on class IV or worse land with access to a public road and the possibility of connecting to the power grid. Obviously – the plot should not be shaded. It is also important whether there is a local spatial development plan in a given area. It often prevents the construction of a solar power plant.

The next stages of the construction of a photovoltaic farm include the preparation of a conceptual design and obtaining the necessary permits. The choice of technology and setting the parameters of the entire farm should not be underestimated – this will determine, among others, payback time. The formalities include obtaining an environmental decision, building conditions and connection to the power grid, obtaining a building permit, as well as a license promise. After settling the documents, you can start implementing the project on the selected plot.

How to build a PV farm?

First, the ground itself is prepared for laying the frames on which the panels will be mounted. It is also worth securing the area at the beginning with a fence and / or monitoring. Then the cables are laid, the remaining components are mounted and the installation is grounded. After completion of the works, the readiness to connect the solar farm to the grid should be reported to the Distribution System Operator and a connection agreement should be signed. The last steps are obtaining a license and final acceptance. After them, you can start selling electricity.