A new obligation for RSE producers

Dodane przez: admin April 11, 2022

In 2021, the provisions contained in the European Commission regulation entered into force, which significantly complicate the activities of many larger energy producers in RES systems. In connection with the new regulations, a number of questions have arisen which, unfortunately, still remain unanswered. I am talking about the System Operation Guidelines, which hinder the fulfillment of the reporting obligation by energy producers. What are the changes and what support can the manufacturer count on?

What is the SOGL Network Code?

The Network Code is a document regulating the rules of operation of the electricity transmission system. The guidelines contained therein are intended to define, inter alia, security standards and operational planning necessary to ensure the coordinated operation of the energy transmission system in Europe. The provisions of the code must be complied with by all producers who have an electricity generation source with a power value greater than or equal to 200 kW. These rules include, for example, photovoltaic installations, biogas plants and wind farms.

SOGL and problems related to the new guidelines

According to the latest regulations, each producer must provide data on the produced and exported energy to the operator of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne. This obligation is mediated by distribution system operators, such as Enea Operator, Tauron Dystrybucja or Energa Operator. The purpose of such action is to ensure an appropriate power balance in the PPS.

The new SOGL guidelines, however, raise some significant problems. First of all, there are still not many options on the market that would allow to accurately report energy production forecasts every day, based on changing weather conditions. This is especially complicated for photovoltaic installations and wind farms.

To facilitate the reporting process, an energy producer may use tools prepared by distribution system operators. For now, only the solution prepared by Enea is available on the market, although other operators have declared that they are working on their own platforms. Energy producers can also use the services of external companies that deal with the fulfillment of obligations under the SOGL guidelines, but this involves additional costs.