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This Cookie Policy supplements the Privacy Policy regarding the processing of personal data with the use of cookies and other internet technologies

Introduction. Contact data.

This cookie policy applies to the use of “cookies”, pixels (pixel codes) and the use of other Internet technologies and the processing of personal data with their help, which are used on wbsites heliosstrategia Polska

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I. Cookies and used internet technologies

  1. Cookie files Cookie files (so-called “cookies”) are IT data, in particular text files, which are stored on the Website User’s end device (eg computer, tablet, smartphone) and are intended for using the Service’s websites. Cookies are not harmful to Users or their devices, and do not adversely affect their operation. They also do not cause any configuration changes in end devices or in the software installed on these devices.

  1. Types of cookies The Website uses two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the User’s end device until logging out, leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser). Cookies are stored on the User’s end device for the time specified in the cookie parameters (cookies may remain on the User’s device for various periods of time – it may be the duration of the session or the set duration) or until they are deleted by the User. The Website uses the following cookies: • “analytical” / “performance” cookies – enabling the collection of information on the use of websites to help us understand how our websites are used or to help us adapt our websites internet; these cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources to our site, so we can measure and improve its performance. Thanks to them, we can find out which pages are the most and least popular and understand how visitors navigate our site. All data these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore remains anonymous. If you do not consent (i.e. change your consent by default) to the use of these cookies, we will not know when you visited our site, nor will we be able to monitor its performance. Without these cookies, some features may not be available.

Cookie ProviderCookie NameValidityTypeOwn / 3rd party
Google Analytics_gat1 minuteAnalytical Own
Google Analytics_ga2 yearAnalytical Own
Google Analytics_gid24 hoursAnalytical Own
Google AnalyticsAMP_TOKEN30 seconds per yearAnalytical Own
Google Analytics_gac_90 daysAnalytical 3rd Party
Google DCM_gads lub _gac30 daysAnalytical Own
GetSiteControl_gsSession lengthAnalytical Own
GetSiteControl_gu24 hoursAnalytical Own
GetSiteControl_gw24 hoursAnalytical Own

• “Functional” cookies – enabling “remembering” the settings selected by the User and personalization of the User’s interface, e.g. in terms of the selected language or region from which the User comes, font size, website appearance, etc. The purpose of these cookies is to enable the user to use our website in a way that is better suited to his personal preferences based on his previous visits and selected settings. If the user does not consent (i.e. changes the consent granted by default) to the use of these cookies, some functions of the website may not work properly.

Cookie ProviderCookie NameValidityTypeOwn / 3rd party
Adobeaam_uuid30 daysFunctionalOwn
AdobeAMCVS_*Session lengthFunctionalOwn
AdobeAMCV_*2 yearFunctionalOwn
Adobedcdata10 yearsFunctionalOwn
Adobedemdex180 daysFunctional3rd Party
Adobedextp180 daysFunctional3rd Party
Adobedpm180 daysFunctional3rd Party
Adobembox14 days agoFunctionalOwn
Adobes_ccSession lengthFunctionalOwn
Adobes_fid5 yersFunctionalOwn
Adobes_gnr30 daysFunctionalOwn
Adobes_invisit30 minutsFunctionalOwn
Adobes_lv3 lataFunctionalOwn
Adobes_lv_s30 minutsFunctionalOwn
Adobes_ppvSession lengthFunctionalOwn
Adobes_sqSession lengthFunctionalOwn
Adobes_vnum30 daysFunctionalOwn
Audiaudi_bt6 monthsFunctionalOwn

• “social” cookies are used to host pages and content of our websites that are of interest to you through external social networks and other websites. When sharing information using the sharing function within social networks built around social networks or the “Like” button, as well as after linking your account on a social network with our website or using content posted by us on social network pages. The social network records such actions of the User. This type of information can be used in advertising measures or to target an ad to a specific target audience. Failure to consent to these cookies does not prevent the use of the website. LIST

Cookie ProviderCookie NameValidityTypeOwn / 3rd party
Facebooklu2 year Social3rd party
Facebookxs90 days Social3rd party
Facebookc_user90 days Social3rd party
Facebookm_user90 days Social3rd party
Facebookpl90 days Social3rd party
Facebookdbln2 year Social3rd party
Facebookaks30 days Social3rd party
Facebookaksb30 minuts Social3rd party
Facebooksfau1 day Social3rd party
Facebookick2 year Social3rd party
Facebookcsm90 days Social3rd party
Facebooks90 days Social3rd party
Facebookdatr2 year Social3rd party
Facebooksb2 year Social3rd party
Facebookfr90 days Social3rd party
Facebookoo5 yers Social3rd party
Facebookddid28 days Social3rd party
FacebookLocation7 days Social3rd party
Facebooksb2 years Social3rd party
Facebookjs_ver7 days Social3rd party
Facebookrc7 days Social3rd party
Facebookcampaign_click_url30 days Social3rd party
FacebookCheckpointSession length Social3rd party
FacebooklpSession length Social3rd party
FacebookhckdSession length Social3rd party
FacebooksfiuSession length Social3rd party
FacebookarSession length Social3rd party
FacebookavSession length Social3rd party
FacebooknoscriptSession length Social3rd party
Facebookm_tsSession length Social3rd party
FacebooknextSession length Social3rd party
Facebooknext_pathSession length Social3rd party
FacebookpresenceSession length Social3rd party
FacebookrdirSession length Social3rd party
Facebooki_userSession length Social3rd party
Facebooki_keySession length Social3rd party
Facebooki_idSession length Social3rd party
Facebookm_pixel_ratioSession length Social3rd party
FacebookpSession length Social3rd party
FacebookdprSession length Social3rd party
FacebooksWSession length Social3rd party
FacebookwdSession length Social3rd party
Facebooka11ySession length Social3rd party
FacebookactSession length Social3rd party
Facebookreg_ext_refSession length Social3rd party
Facebookreg_fb_gateSession length Social3rd party
Facebookreg_fb_refSession length Social3rd party
Facebookreg_uniqidSession length Social3rd party
Facebookx-refererSession length Social3rd party
Facebookx-srcSession length Social3rd party

In addition to own cookies, websites may use the so-called third party cookies placed via our website by our advertising providers. They are used to provide third party properties or functions on the website or via the website (e.g. advertising functions and content, videos and website analytics services). Entities installing the so-called Third party cookies may recognize your device both when you use it to visit a given website and when you use the device to visit websites cooperating with our advertising providers. In addition, we may also use web beacons provided by these advertising providers to help manage our online advertising. Web beacons make it possible to recognize the browser cookie when the browser visits this page and to find out which banner ads transfer users to our page. Please note that depending on the website or mobile application used, the type and number of cookies may differ.

  1. Pixel Pixel is a software code that allows you to track Users and their behavior on websites where pixels are placed. This can be basic tracking whether the User has visited a website, up to the detailed tracking of activities such as adding a product to the cart, selecting a product, submitting a form, etc. The pixel can send the collected information to a third party, ie to the code provider.

II. The scope of collected data

Cookies identify device and browser data used to browse websites – they allow, for example, to find out whether a given device has already visited the website. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the storage time on the end device and a unique number. As part of the Website, we can process data on how to use the website using a computer, tablet, smartphone or other device by means of which you access websites. Some of this data, when combined with other data, may constitute personal data. Using the internet technologies used, we can process, for example: • device data: device type / model, unique device identifiers, MAC address, IP address, operating system, operating system version and device settings, language set, screen resolution, version and type of web browser ;


III. Cele i podstawa prawna stosowanych technologii internetowych

We use the internet technologies used to:

IV. Functionalities or technologies of third-party suppliers

Please be advised that on our websites we use the services and tools of external suppliers, in particular in the scope related to the provision of services available through the website (e.g. chat, callpage services) and with analytics, behavioral advertising (based on interests), remarketing, measurement of results advertising campaigns. The suppliers of individual cookies or other technologies are indicated in the above-mentioned lists. Below we describe selected tools of our suppliers: Google Analytics We use Google Analytics tools that collect anonymous information about the User’s visits to the Website, such as the subpages he has displayed, the time he spent on the website or the transitions between individual pages in order to generate anonymous statistics on the functioning of the pages and to enable the analysis of activity on the website. website so as to best match our offer to the needs of Users. For this purpose, Google LLC cookies are used for the Google Analytics service. Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA Google Optimize We use the Google Optimize tool – a platform for testing and experimenting on Google. For most users, this will enable quick and easy testing of the page design and content changes. It is used to determine the inclusion of the User in the experiment and the expiration of the experiments in which the user was included. Google AdWords We use Google AdWords tools, thanks to which we can present our offer within the Google search engine and on websites that are part of the Google advertising network. A user who enters specific terms in the search engine may be shown our advertisement correlated with the entered password. As part of Google AdWords, we analyze the effectiveness of advertisements published on Google websites, which allows us to better match our offer to the expectations of Users. After clicking on the banner of the advertisement published by Google on the User’s computer, cookies are saved as part of AdWords. Only statistical information is collected to identify the advertising banner. Google DoubleClick, Adform We use tools for advertising and re-marketing purposes. For this purpose, Google cookies are used for DoubleClick services (DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Doubleclick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Search, DoubleClick Floodlight), Adform (DMP, DSP). External suppliers install the appropriate code or pixel to download information about the User’s activity on the Websites and then, on this basis, the User who visited our Websites, displays our advertisements on other websites belonging to the advertising network of our external suppliers (so-called remarketing), as well as collect information about the campaign, perform website analytics and analyze segments. AdForm (Copenhagen, Denmark) Facebook Pixel It is a tool that helps us measure the effectiveness of advertisements based on the analysis of actions taken by Users on our website. We use pixel data, among others to: broadcasting advertisements among the appropriate group of recipients, creating groups of advertising recipients, including the so-called look-alike, analyze what happened as a result of clicking on the ad, both via Facebook advertising tools and on the website, using other Facebook advertising tools, such as a custom audience. Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA Facebook Custom Audience This is a remarketing tool used to display interest-based advertising within the social network Facebook or other websites that also use this tool. The user’s browser automatically establishes a direct connection to the Facebook server. To the best of our knowledge, by integrating Facebook Custom Audiences, Facebook receives information such as: date and time of access, the page that the User visited or clicked on our advertisement, IP address, domain name, regardless of whether the User is registered or logged in to Facebook (we do not have however, it does affect the scope and further use of the data collected by Facebook using this tool). If the user is registered with Facebook, Facebook can associate the user’s visit with his account. If your Facebook account meets certain parameters defined by us (e.g. age, gender, region) and is therefore part of our specific target group (the so-called “Audience”), our advertising may be displayed on Facebook , prepared especially for this target group and corresponding to their interests. However, we will not know the data stored in your Facebook account. Adobe Analytics We use the web analytics service Adobe Analytics, which enables the analysis of Users’ visits to our websites. For the purposes of this analysis, cookies are stored on the User’s device, which collect information then stored on the servers of Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited (“Adobe”). Information stored on Adobe’s servers cannot be directly attributed to a specific person because Adobe Analytics is used with the following settings: “Before Geo-Lookup: Replace visitor’s last IP octet with 0” and “Obfuscate IP-Removed.” The setting “Before Geo-Lookup: Replace visitor’s last IP octet with 0” means an anonymization of the IP address before the so-called geolocation by replacing the last octet of the IP address with zeros. For the purposes of statistical analyzes, the approximate location of the User is added to the so-called tracking packet that still contains the full IP address at this stage. Before the trace packet is saved, the IP address is replaced with a single general IP address if “Obfuscate IP-Removed” is configured. This deletes the IP address from the stored data record. Sizmek We use the Sizmek Inc. web analytical service. to analyze the results of advertising campaigns on the Internet, regarding the range and frequency of advertising campaigns, clicks on ads and parameters related to traffic on websites from advertising campaigns, such as the number of visits, the number of conversions on the website or the time spent on the website. These data do not allow for independent and unambiguous identification of the User’s identity (indication of a specific natural person using a computer or other device connected to the Internet). Sizmek Inc. Sizmek We use the Sizmek Inc. web analytical service. to analyze the results of advertising campaigns on the Internet, regarding the range and frequency of advertising campaigns, clicks on ads and parameters related to traffic on websites from advertising campaigns, such as the number of visits, the number of conversions on the website or the time spent on the website. These data do not allow for independent and unambiguous identification of the User’s identity (indication of a specific natural person using a computer or other device connected to the Internet). Sizmek Inc. OnAudience Cloud Technologies We use the OnAudience Cloud Technologies pixel to analyze Users in terms of their interests and purchasing intentions. We use cookies for the purposes of user retargeting as well as analyzing and optimizing marketing campaigns. Netsprint Audience (based in Poland) Data collected for the analysis of 1st party and 3rd party Users from NS Audience. Smart DigitalEnsighten We use Ensighten tools that collect anonymous information about the User’s visits to the Website, such as the subpages he has displayed, the time he spent on the website or the transitions between individual pages in order to generate anonymous statistics on the functioning of the pages and to enable the analysis of website activity. Links and plug-ins for social media Our websites or fan pages may use plug-ins from third-party social networks, e.g. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, Youtube, (plugs or so-called “plugins”, e.g. “Like” “Share”), marked with using the well-known icons of these networks. For this purpose, the code referring to the above networks is placed on the relevant pages. Content from our websites may be submitted to this website or to this service. Depending on the User’s privacy settings, it may be visible publicly or privately (e.g. only to friends, followers or to anyone who enters the User’s profile). With the help of these plugins, as a logged in user of these websites, you can share the page on which you are located within these websites. However, the plug-in will not be loaded until you have installed the corresponding plug-in via the activation icon. The content of the plug-in will then be transmitted by the respective social network directly to your end device and displayed there. If you select the appropriate option, this activation will be permanently valid during your visit to our website. You can deactivate the buttons at any time by clicking on “Undo”. Without proper activation, the plugins will remain inactive and no connection with social networks will be established. If you have activated the use of a plug-in, we process the following data and pass it on to the plug-in provider: (date and time of access, visited part of our website, IP address, domain name). Our websites also contain external links, e.g. to our Facebook page, Instagram or our YouTube channel. When using these links, the User leaves the website. VGP has no control over what data the provider of the plug-in or social media pages collects and how it processes it. In order to obtain information on the purpose and scope of data collection, including cookies used there, their further processing and use by external suppliers, as well as the User’s rights and options for privacy protection settings of these providers, the User may read the information on data protection of the respective provider. Data processing outside the EEA Due to the possibility of sharing data collected with the use of cookies by our external suppliers, we would like to inform you that some data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area. Such data transfer may take place on the basis of a decision on the appropriate level of protection taken by the European Commission, i.e. for organizations participating in the Privacy Shield program, or on the basis of standard contractual clauses in accordance with the decision of the European Commission or on the basis of your express consent . At the same time, we would like to point out that Google LLC, Facebook and Sizmek have the EU-US-Privacy Shield certificate. As part of the agreement between the US and the European Commission, the latter has established an adequate level of data protection in the case of companies certified by the Privacy Shield. More information in this regard can be obtained by contacting our DPO.

V. Objection and withdrawal of consent to the installation of cookies

At any time, the User may withdraw his consent or express his objection to the use by us or our partners of data contained in cookies or other similar technologies by changing the browser settings or using other methods that allow you to change cookie settings, as indicated below. You can change the settings in your browser so that it requests the acceptance of cookies, that it accepts or rejects only certain types of cookies, or rejects all of them. Detailed information on the possibilities and methods of handling cookies is available in the software settings (of the web browser – in the description of the browser’s help function or you can contact the software manufacturer for instructions on disabling and deleting cookies.). Please note that some cookies are necessary for the functioning of our websites and deleting or disabling them may reduce their functionality. If, as a result of changing the cookie settings, the so-called opt-out cookie (which is used only to identify the User’s objection – disagreement), remember that the opt-out cookie only works in the browser that used to save it. If you delete all cookies or use a different browser or end device, you must opt-out again. Information on how to configure cookie settings in exemplary web browsers can be found here: Facebook Opt-out Opt-out